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I’m the founder of HBIC Weddings. Thanks so much for considering us! 

A bit about me, I was raised in the South suburbs of Chicago, & as a kid, I never missed a chance to go downtown with my family. I just loved Chicago's excitement & earned the nickname “Downtown-Di” by the time I was 10-years old. The day I turned 16 with a freshly minted Driver’s License, I drove to the city with my friends (& parent’s blessings) just to be in the city on my own. 

By my late 20’s my Downtown-Di dream of “Big City Livin’” came true as I worked & saved to buy a condo at 9th & Michigan Ave.  My Golden Retriever, Ivan, took to city living just as well as I did.  It was a great time to be in Chicago; the South Loop was just starting to develop to what it is today, the Chicago Bears Schedule would dictate the weekend of fandom taking over the neighborhood & it was where my husband & I met.


I can't get enough of Chicago history & love to spend the day in the city exploring pop-up shops or art festivals with my husband & son.  My family means the world to me; it's very small but mighty. 


I’m a Bravo-holic & have been known to binge-watch a Real Housewives of _______ (just fill in the blank)

Ask me about my ranking of each city…

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I’ve been designing, planning, and producing events.  I’ve worked for over 10 years for two of the top event & floral design companies in Chicago, so my knowledge is “in-depth,” to say very the least.  I know events from the loading docks to adjusting the lighting in ballrooms – events are part of my DNA.  I know how much time things should take during setup & keep the pace of the day on schedule.  Understanding how to work with hotel & venue managers to make their day better will undoubtedly make your wedding day fantastic.  It's amazing how a kind word, positive vibe, and clear expectations can keep your wedding day plans on track.


BizBash Event of the Year & Couples Choice Award, Best of Weddings with 5-Star ratings on The Knot & Wedding Wire



I worked for the Michael Jordan basketball camps during “The Dynasty Years” It was quite a wild ride!


If you need a ride to or from the airport, I’m your girl!  It’s a small expression of love & one less thing my friends or family have to think about when traveling.  I just love it, I do! 

Michael Jordan basketball camps


Christmas eve, 2017 I solidified my title of “best mom ever” by getting our then 8-year old son a dog.  A longtime lover of Golden Retrievers Chuck, (middle name Norris) is the office mascot, fur brother to Ben and Instagram superstar #ItsGoodToBeChuck


We believe in the expertise, that’s why I don’t cut my hair or file my taxes if I did, I’d probably find myself rocking an orange jumpsuit with crooked bangs…

Also, I believe things will always work out…’cause they do! 


I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Communication from Elmhurst College. So I’m a great friend to bring to a museum.  Also, I attended a 2-year program at the Harrington Institute of Interior Design.  To top it off, I still find that every event I produce, I can still find at least one “Good Learn” that I take with me.

Elmhurst College

Word on the street...


"Diane provided great insight and advice on the things that normally you would miss." - Rudy S., Groom


My keen sense for really understanding the clients’ needs, talent to design events from casually elegant to merely breathtaking all while holding true to the clients' personalities is unique.  Beyond the results of an amazing setting for your wedding, I turn a stressful situation into lighthearted fun, which is what has earned me a reputation as one of the very best in the Chicago wedding industry.


I love to provide solutions for clients and seem to be a go-to person for advice and recommendations.  As a Certified Wedding Planner who’s background is in production, logistics, and event design, I have thousands of events in my rearview mirror.  I'm uniquely and fully equipped to execute your wedding plans from the most modern and minimal, to fantasy and whimsy, to downright over the top wedding, no worries, I've got you covered! 


My “been there done that” event experience in Chicago includes working in virtually every hotel, church, and wedding venue in the city.  Knowing where mini-coaches can load and unload outside on a busy street to freight elevators and how vendors should work according to the rules of the locations where your big day will happen is a natural thought process – its muscle memory.  


I’ve been told a few times that I exude the “go ask her” vibe when standing in a ballroom.  That vibe is mixed with an “Oh man she’s talking to me, and I should listen to what she’s saying” style of eye contact that really is a benefit to our clients. 


My energy on a client’s wedding day is always positive and responsive, all while thinking 2 steps ahead - this is how I roll, as I’m the point person for all of your vendors.


My team & I handle the day’s personal touches too from escort cards to frames filled with your mom’s favorite photo of you at 6 years old, to toasting flutes to menu cards – whatever you need, we’re on it!  I’ve been known to drop an f-bomb once and a while & have a few good jokes to make the groom's party laugh while getting inline with the day’s plan.


The bottom line, I'm a creative soul that sees design in everything.  This artistic view is perfectly balanced by an organized (and slightly, no genuine obsession with binders) planning mindset that allows me to juggle a lot without any hesitation.