Micro Weddings

What the heck is a Micro Wedding??  It’s the response to the COVID-19 situation. 


It’s a wedding where guest counts are low, but the attention to detail throughout is HIGH!


The guest counts may be smaller, but the details are still fully developed and perhaps even enhanced thanks to a shift in a couple’s guest count and budget...think of it as having a lavish wedding for 50 guests that cost less than a night for 150 guests.


The Micro Wedding looks at this “pesky virus” right in the eye and says, “We’re still having a wedding, and it will be a fabulous affair!”


Here are just a few ways how we’re helping couple celebrating during COVID, while planning your wedding. 

  • The Guest count is around 50, think of these guests that would be at your wedding even without a formal invitation. 

  • Large wedding parties of 5 on each site will be refocused to the Maid of Honor and Bestman exclusively. 

  • Instead of inviting a dozen + college friends from “back in the day,” you’re inviting those 2 or 3 friends that you still talk with all of the time. 

  • Couples will still include all the details that they love and see on Pinterest, tagged to their boards - we say “bring on the favors, wedding cake, confetti” include whatever they want! 

  • Tabletop designs will be lush and low so that everyone can talk easily and create a more intimate feeling. Candles in a variety of style sized and colors will be added to the centerpieces to create a higher style for these lower guest count celebrations.


  • Couples will want to make guests feel special from the onset – couples will want to make everything on the day really personal and unique to each guest. Besides personalized escort cards now custom menus and favors that are taken a “notch up.”

  • While the table count will be down to around 5, the amount of detail to each of them will be elevated, with custom touches such as upgraded rentals, developed high-end menus creating more lush style, and higher caliber dining experience.  

  • Most importantly, couples will be able to spend more time with guests making each guest feel included as a part of this special day by creating personal moments at the wedding.

  • Plus, all the reasons you’re having a wedding a lovely heart-filled personal ceremony followed by a full-on celebration with all of the moments you’ve always wanted…see you on the dance floor! 


Everyone at your wedding will enjoy your celebration as they witness one of the most important days of your life. We can help you put a smile on a stranger’s face too as we bring social responsibility to our events; Here’s how: 

  • We donate a portion of all proceeds to local nonprofits that include the World Central Kitchen and Lurie Children’s Hospital.

  • With your pre-wedding approval, we repurpose florals and donate to local hospice organizations.

  • We encourage our clients to work with local vendors.


You’ve put so much hard work into planning all the details of your wedding day, and now it’s time to enjoy it! Our team will be on-hand before, during, and after the wedding celebration to make sure everything goes according to plan.   Here’s how we’ll manage your wedding day:

  • Create a detailed timeline for the day

  • We’ll lead all vendor in planning communication and while on-site 

  • Guide and direct wedding party members the entire day of the wedding


Choosing the Micro Wedding Package is going to assure you that your wedding guests will love your version of Social (not so) Distancing, here’s what we have in mind:


“HBIC Weddings made our day and weeks leading up to the wedding much more manageable.  She was available to discuss details multiple times, provided great insight and advice on the things that normally you would miss.  On the day of the wedding, Diane was always there and working ahead of everybody else.”

 - Rudy S., Groom


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