Our Approach

HBIC Weddings provides our couples with a customized planning platform that allows you to collaborate with your planning team, lead designer, friends, family, and vendors—seamlessly. Wouldn’t you want an amazing tool that keeps you organized, inspired, and enhances communication, all from either your phone, tablet, or computer? YES, PLEASE!

Our user-friendly platform allows you & our team to collaborate with friends, family, and vendors seamlessly. You’re going to LOVE it – cross my heart!

There are so many aspects to planning a wedding that it's easy to end up with stuff everywhere. Files on your laptop, contracts, and other documents stored in Google Drive, design ideas as screenshots on your phone, Pinterest boards galore, budgets in Excel, and the list goes on.  So how’s it all work? Here's a super quick overview:

HBIC Weddings - Dashboard view

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Ok, it's time to start planning; where to start? When should I design my invitations, book a florist, and secure rentals?


Well, you can stop stressing about it all; we have the perfect tool in place to walk you through the entire planning process step by step, all while keeping you stress-free and on track. 


The dashboard is the springboard to everything; it's accessible via our client lounge on our website and password protected.  


Displayed by time or category, these checklists are cultivated from years of experience and are completely customizable to you and your unique needs. Items can be assigned to either you or your fiancé or tasks that we’ll take on for you! We can leave comments, updates, or questions.  

Our customized to your wedding checklist is your GPS for planning your wedding.  This comprehensive list will walk you through the process - we think It's the best thing since sliced bread!

So checklists are great, but ultimately, how helpful is a master checklist without the tools to implement the tasks?  Your checklist links to all the tools available in this state of the art platform; these tools include (but are not limited to):

  • Custom day-of timelines

  • Interactive budget tools

  • Vendor payment schedulers & auto-reminders

  • File manager

  • Guestlist manager for invites, tracking RSVP & lots more

  • Interactive seating chart tool & floor plans

  • Notes tab filled with advice, packing lists, info on invitations & tons of useful items


Each tab in your platform allows you to enter and track all of these essential details keeping you organized and stress-free. 

Checklist Assignments
Checklist by Dates
Checklist by Catagory

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Budget & Vendor Tracking

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A fully-integrated budgeting tool makes sure you don’t let a single payment slip through the tracks or put you over budget. Easily set up your goals at the beginning of the planning process, and we will track the adjustments as you design, book, and purchase your event services and accessories.  

Keeping track of your booked and pending vendors couldn’t be easier with our vendor tool. It allows you to upload related files, contact information, and enter invoices and payment breakdowns that will automatically add to your budget and calendar for easy reminders – How cool is that?? 


Creating the perfect seating assignments just got easier. Our Seating tool allows you to quickly group guests who have RSVP’d at each table and make sure no guests are left unconsidered. 


Using the group's feature, you can highlight relationships and relatives, assuring a fabulous ambiance at every table.

Guest and Seating Management

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HBIC Wedding Portal

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Our Notes area holds many of our templates and trackers to ensure we are able to act as your complete point of contact on your wedding day – from Music Checklists, Packing Inventory, the dos & don’ts of giving the perfect toast, we got you covered!


Now it's no secret that some of the planning processes can be boring, even tedious (pouring over vendor contracts, creating timelines, budgeting…Blah!)  Are you ready for some creative fun? Queue the Design Studio! 

It's a private Pinterest built right into your personal planning site that is exclusively wedding focused.  This is where we will define the vision of your event, and the design studio gives you the tools:

  • Browse tons of weddings and editorial shoots for inspirational

  • Upload Pinterest boards you already have created

  • Create category driven style guides (think your Pinterest boards) 

  • Set and create color palettes 

  • Share interactive links of your boards 

  • Make comments and notes for each picture and

  • Have a conversation with your planner and vendors directly within these boards.


The Design Studio provides us an easy way to share inspiration, sketches, floor plans, and favorite images with all of your planning team members. Palettes can be created for the overall event and individually for bridesmaids, centerpieces, and more!  Sharing your boards and color palettes with your creative vendors will keep everyone on the same page to ensure the end of everyone’s work results is everything you dreamed!

HBIC Design Studio

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