HBIC Weddings is all about stress-free wedding planning followed by the flawless execution of your big day.  

While planning, you'll see how to navigate the process at a balanced pace, ask any questions you have, and leverage the over 23-years of planning and production experience.  You'll so see how HBIC Weddings is just fun to work with!


At your wedding, you'll see how HBIC is not the typical wedding planner that stands on the sidelines, hugging a clipboard all day. 


Your day of the wedding team is thinking a least 2 steps ahead for you, leading the day so you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

You'll have us as the point-person for any and all questions from anybody all day long; you’ll have a wonderful wedding day because HBIC Weddings has you covered!

You will be the Happiest Bride in Chicago, once you hire your very own Head B*tch In Charge! 

Rule #1 - You'll see how HBIC likes to work smart (and not hard) for you.  You'll have a wholly customized experience that supports every single planning piece needed for your wedding day.   


Everything is based on your budgets, timelines, ceremony scripts, from scratch to final edits! 

Even down to the checklists, they’re custom-drafted and based on what you want and sent out as bite-sized attainable goals. 


You'll actually enjoy the whole process, from throwing around wild ideas to the last Champagne at your reception. After the reception, you'll enjoy the rest of the night as well, but you’re on your own for part! 

The guests will be able to enjoy every second of the day. you'll know HBIC Weddings is there if anything pops up from wild groomsmen...an officiant stuck in traffic, to you name it.  HBIC Weddings will swoop in and address the situation before it goes sideways on you. 

Don't you want to have a smooth day that is filled with moments to cherish, tons of laughter, and the best way to start your lives together?   

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HBIC Weddings will ensure your event is flawlessly executed, while at the same time managing to sprinkle in a little fun during the process.


You can have many personal touches such as unlimited consultations and meetings, candid advice, vendor referrals, and genuine support and guidance for the wedding.


You want things to be simple and straight forward. You will enjoy a custom planning package created by your needs and not a generic list of stuff you don't want.

You'll have a flat investment fee.

  • No percentages

  • No commissions 

  • No hourly rates or overtime.

  • No surprises from your planner.

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