Support Planning

Support Planning is THE most popular option, hands down!

You're looking good with your planner hat on & have been killing it so far.  

At this point the big to-dos are to-done...great job, we're so proud of you! 

The Venue, Catering, Photographer, Entertainment all now what? 



Are you slightly addicted to Pinterest but not sure how to pull it all together??

You know what you like, but not sure how to make it happen??

Let's work on the wedding design, Shhhh, it's our favorite part!

We have 3 different variations of Support

We meet you where you are in your planning & take on the detail for & with you to the end.

Enhanced Support is a slight step to the side of the Full-Service package &

kicks-off 18 to 24 months before your wedding.

Support joins your planning in progress & continues down the road with you to keep the fun that we're known for beginning 1-year out from the big day.

Compressed Support is just that, a planning push that's under 8 months - there's lots of planning to do & we'll get you there, for sure.


On your wedding day, you will have 100% support & total management that begins with moring glam time then ends with a filled dancefloor & the rest of the night is auto-piolet. 

You'll know all day & night that all is going to be wonderful & right

because HBIC Weddings planners are out of sight.

organic-greenery-farm table-décor-tent-private-residence-Chicago


Event design is our sweet spot thanks to over a decade of exclusive event design in our career.  Together we can define your style, color & the decor items you love the most.  Then we'll assemble the decor team:

  • Florists' fresh blooms that you can't take your eyes off

  • Tablescapes of stylish place settings & glassware 

  • Linens that bring softness & texture to your guest's tables 

  • Rentals for on-trend seating & specialty tables to bring in a layer of your personality

  • Lighting that will transform your reception space with illumination that sets a romantic mood

  • Floor plans that are in scale & includes everything in the event space.

For your wedding design direction, proposals are requested, reviewed, & then we'll merge together to create eye-catching mood boards.  It's a sneak-peek of your wedding & we can't wait to hear your thoughts on everything.  


Check, check & double-check - it's not a soundcheck it's the way we think.

While planning, we're monitoring that the big picture planning is on track to keep things fun & flowing.

We will check on design elements at sample meetings with the decor providers so that you'll have an opportunity to see (& adjust, if needed) tabletop decor. 

We check on all of the guest details including RSVP, meal section, seating & any special needs - 2 highchairs at table 4, we're on it!  Scotch neat for the Father of the Bride? Got it! 

For the reception, who's going to check that the bandleader can properly pronounce all those being introduced & announcements made throughout the night?  We do!

Most importantly, we check on you two to make sure you're delighted with your day & beyond happy.



You’ve put so much time & investment into planning all the details of your wedding day, & now that's left is to enjoy it!


Our team will be on-hand before, during, & after the wedding celebration to make sure everything goes according to plan.   Here’s how your wedding day will be managed:

  • Your day is clear thanks to the detailed timeline from hair & makeup to the last dance. 

  • Your vendors receive their specifically tailored timelines as they are lead & completely managed for you while on-site. 

  • Your wedding party & family will be guided the entire day - from getting ready to the lineup for the ceremony to the reception's toasts & speeches, your day fly by! 


“HBIC Weddings has experience in both corporate and wedding planning - which is something you totally want!  Diane has insight into details a normal wedding person simply would not.  Value-wise they cannot be beaten. I would recommend Diane any day to anyone!”

 - Kyle D., Bride

You'll be stress-free with H.B.I.C.


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