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15 Fantastic Micro Wedding Details You’ll Love & Steal

This year (and for the foreseeable future), Micro Weddings look set to be as popular as ever. We love that smaller celebrations have become big news, and if you’re planning an intimate day, we want to help. From your venue and guest list to your food and entertainment, everything needs to be perfect. Your small wedding will be a big success with these intimate wedding ideas.

Micro Wedding Venues & Guest Lists

When you’re planning an intimate occasion, you still need to work through the same planning process to make sure that your day’s perfect. As always, start by talking about the basics of the day – decide what style of celebration you want and think about rough numbers early on. This will help you choose the perfect venue and make sure that you’ve got just the right mix of guests with you on the day.

When you’re searching for your VENUE, you need to think carefully about the spaces available. Huge rooms might look great, but remember, you’re only going to have a few guests with you on the day. To avoid feeling ‘lost,’ look for a venue that offers lots of smaller spaces so that you can move through them all as the day goes on. When you visit, ask if they’ve hosted intimate weddings before and how these celebrations have used the space. It’s also worth checking if the venue has any requirements for minimum numbers; otherwise, you could end up paying more than you imagine.

Moving on to your GUEST LISTS, remember that to be truly intimate, you should only be inviting a small number of guests to be with you on the day. Everyone has their own definition of intimate, but you should be aiming for less than 50 as a guide. Start your list with those absolutely closest to you and go from there. You might need to be a bit brave, cutting out cousins you’ve not seen in years in favor of your closest friends, and that’s ok. You want to be surrounded by those you love most.

Micro Weddings Ideas for a Day Full of Love & Details

There’s still a lot to organize when you’re planning an intimate wedding, and you’ve still got lots of opportunities to make the day your own. Here are some of our favorite Micro Wedding ideas:

1/ Look at alternative seating layouts for your ceremony. You could have everyone sitting around you in a circle or even standing if you prefer.

2/ Really cut back on the wedding party – you just don’t need lots of bridesmaids and groomsmen for a small wedding.

3/ Think about your food and don’t be afraid to do something different. If you want to splurge, opt for a super impressive tasting menu, or a more laidback dining experience, a family-style meal would be great fun.

4/ Get guests talking with interactive options. A ‘create your own cocktail’ station will make everyone very happy indeed!

5/ Give guests areas where they can gather and chat. Add cozy seating to your drinks reception area, for example. You want everyone to be as social as possible.

6/ Spoil your guests a little. Make them all feel part of the wedding party by giving everyone buttonholes or corsages when they arrive.

7/ Think about your wedding day schedule – with fewer guests; you’ll need to adjust your timings. Getting everyone together for photos or moving everyone into dinner will be quicker, so you’ll have more time for the ‘good bits’ of the day.

8/ With a small wedding, you really can do exactly what you like. If you don’t want to dance in the evening, that’s fine. How about providing other activities or simply opt for a later ceremony and a long, enjoyable dinner in the evening instead?

9/ Make guests feel honored from the outset – invite them with a handwritten letter rather than a printed invitation.

10/ Fill the venue with your personalities – add lighting, details, and decorations to make the event space really feel like yours.

11/ As you’ve only got a few guests with you, make everything on the day really personal and unique to each guest. Personalized escort cards, menus, and favors are always super popular.

12/ Make your intimate wedding feel super luxurious with beautiful table linens, plates, glasses, and cutlery.

13/ You can still include all those details that you love. Favors, wedding cake, confetti, and even sparkler send-offs all work, so add whatever you want!

14/ Think about lush, low table centerpieces so that everyone can talk easily. If you want to create more intimacy, suspended lights, or florals over the table will look amazing.

15/ Spend time with all your guests and make them all part of your day – this is what you’ll really remember from your intimate wedding, after all.

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