Who loves HBIC Weddings?  

Really busy professionals.  In fact, they love us A LOT!

If we had to guess, your already full life looks like something like this:

A career you love that requires AT LEAST 70+ hours a week

+  A few set in stone early morning (or late at night!) workout sessions

+  A furry friend (or fiancé?) that requires some TLC & makes your heart smile

+  Friends & family you enjoy hanging out with

And now you’re expected to add wedding planning into the mix?!  

If that at all describes you, then you’re going to love our expertise & streamlined process.  

We know you don’t have time to take on a second job as wedding planner extraordinaire. So, our approach to planning is straight forward. No BS. 

+  Need to vent? We're here for it.

+  Need someone to keep you on track? Yep. You’ve got a friend in us.

+  Have to off-load some of the planning; because you're just too busy?  Totally here for you!

Basically, we’ll help you get those wedding to-dos checked off the list and we make you laugh in the process. With us on your team, you'll never feel overwhelmed or alone. Heck, you’ll actually have fun!


If you like our name, you're going to love working with us.

Because with your very own Head B*tch in Charge,

you’re going to quickly become the Happiest Bride in Chicago. Promise.

Let's have a virtual coffee/drink & talk it out.



Chicago wedding planning should not be a one-size-fits-all "off the rack" pre-priced package of services that you should be expected to fit into.  You'll see that we think beyond the boring "Full, Partial & Day of" packages for our couples.  


It's your wedding; you should totally have a tailored custom made bundle of planning support. Below are the most popular options; think of them as super-smart starting points!

Full-Service Wedding Planning If your wedding DAY is actually a WEEKEND celebration; we've got you.  Go have fun, we'll take care of every single detail for you while planning & during your wedding weekend.

3 Support Planning options of planning assistance that includes Enhanced, Solid & Compressed.  These levels are a little less “hand-holding;” however, you’ll still have lots of planning by the HBIC team.

Event Management you'll want if the planning is close to finalizing the details. Then you will let us take the lead & make your plans flow for your wedding day. 


We'll make sure that the wedding planning will fit into your life & keep you laughing while staying on track the entire way.  We believe in working smart & always support what's most important to you!


You’ll benefit from the 23 years of planning & production HBIC Weddings brings to the table that will result in a joy-filled, stress-free engagement followed by a wedding that is just jam-packed fun. 

So Why HBIC Weddings? 

One Wedding a Day - As much as we wish we could clone ourselves we can't (yet), this is why we never take on more than one wedding a day.  All the planning & time WE spend together will be put into play on your wedding day.  

Tech-Savvy Software - The online planning platform we'll use together is in a word A-MAZ-ING!! It holds everything you need to plan a wedding.  Got 10 minutes in between meetings? You can sign on & see who has yet to RSVP. 

Step by Step - You really don't need another seemingly endless to-do list that will make you want to elope, do you?  We create timely & actionable next steps personalized to you.

The support you'll receive from us, makes wedding planning easy & stress-free. 

Experienced Negotiators - Every vendor contract is reviewed & more often than not, we are able to find savings or added value for our clients. 

Proven Partners - You're welcome to work with any vendor you’d like; of course, they'll need to pass our "sniff test" – you don’t want to jeopardize your day because a shady DJ or DYI crafty cousin may be over their skis.  Yes, we've got a DEEP bench of proven vendors to consider too.  

Our Availablity - You'll find out pretty quickly that we're not the "9 to 5" type of people.  We can answer a quick question about table counts if you're at the florist over a text or set aside a dedicated block of time to review every word of your invitation...before it goes to print.  We never underestimate a pair of "fresh eyes"! 

We're Givers Too - For each couple, we work with, a donation is made to both World Central Kitchen & Lurie Children's Hospital. 

HBIC's Bottom Line

You’ll receive steady support on everything you think you need plus everything you don’t even know you need yet (but trust us, you do)!   


The funny thing about a wedding is that besides getting married, you'll be seen as both the host & the guests of honor as if getting married isn't enough on one day.   


We'll take care of everything, you just enjoy your day in the spotlight! ​



"From the first moment, we spoke it felt like family. Through all the planning & logistics, adjusting, she was just a phone call away to calm our nerves & set us straight. Her directness & perspective was the perfect support we could have ever received trying to plan anything."

- Adelaide C. Bride



Phone: 312-285-6152